I remember when i was in School, Supré was the 'it' clothes to have before a festival, dance, formal, after party and a first date.

So when i saw their latest campaign i was shocked they are back with a vengeance and showing a fresh new look! Featuring some 'it' girls in their campaign with social media star Sarah Ellen, IT model Fernada and blogging sensation Zoe Cross from Cossandbone (which is my fave).

The playsuit below is the perfect Summer must have. I definitely can see these outfits being mixed and matched with my staples in my closet already because of the great price!

Check out Supré's August Collection which has 3 main themes Neon Jungle, Bubblegum Booty & Before the Night which is all out now! 

Welcome back Supré Now lets shop and get ready for Summer X