Pretty Beach House, NSW

Pretty Beach House, NSW

A escape like no other.

Pretty Beach House has long been on my bucket list of places to visit with it being only 90 Minutes from Sydney in the beautiful Bouddi National Park.

From the moment you arrive you know this is going to be a experience you will be referring to people you know or meet for years to come. With only 4 pavilions and nature surrounding you on every corner you instantly forget your worries.

With the Serene Bouddi National Park surrounding Pretty Beach house you are given 3 walks with various levels to choose from. We were able to do all 3 and I can say with every confidence each walk is worth every minute. (50min walk each way on average)

Trust me when I say the walks are worth working up a appetite for, with your very own personal chef to meet all your dietary requirements. I was in my early pregnancy and the staff were able to accomodate that in every way possible and the food is an aspect I still dream and crave to this day, the produce is local and fresh.

I highly recommend Pretty Beach House and can’t wait to go back to hit the refresh button.

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